Who owns the copyright for an AI generated creative work? 4 minute read

Recently I was reading an article about a cool project that intends to have a neural network create songs of the late club of the 27 (artists that have tragically died at age 27 or near, and in the height of their respective careers), artists such as Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Hendrix, Curt Cobain and Jim Morrison.

The project was created by Over the Bridge, an organization dedicated to increase awareness on mental health and substance abuse in the music industry, trying to denormalize and remove... read more

So, what is a neural network? 9 minute read

The omnipresence of technology nowadays has made it commonplace to read news about AI, just a quick glance at today’s headlines, and I get:

Topics from business, manufacturing, supply chain, medicine and biotech and even defense are covered in those news headlines, definitively the... read more

Starting the adventure 10 minute read

In the midst of a global pandemic caused by the SARS-COV2 coronavirus; I decided to start blogging. I wanted to blog since a long time, I have always enjoyed writing, but many unknowns and having “no time” for it prevented me from taking it up. Things like: “I don’t really know who my target audience is”, “what would my topic or topics be?”, “I don’t think I am a world-class expert in anything”, and many more kept stopping me from setting up my own blog. Now seemed like a good time as any so with those and tons of other... read more